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A home for mind-breakers, trend-setters, razor-walkers, loose-wires, truth-talkers, trailblazers and envelope-pushers, Fantastic Film Festival Australia returns to Lido Cinemas (VIC) and Ritz Cinemas (NSW) in April 2022.

Fantastic Fest is dedicated to showcasing the world’s most daring works from filmmakers with innovative and unique perspectives. These films look both inwards and outwards to present vivid visions of our reality, challenge cinematic convention, and offer a critical lens through which to view our past, present and future.

If you're a provocateur, an andrenaline junkie, a cinephile or any combination of these, FFFA has something for you. 

FFFA will return from 22 April – 6 May 2022. Sign up for Fantastic Film Festival News HERE to keep up with the latest developments.

More details on the FFFA website.