Movie Club Terms & Conditions

  • Membership benefits are valid at Lido Cinemas, as well as our sister cinemas, Classic Cinemas in Elsternwick and Cameo Cinemas in Belgrave.
  • Movie Club memberships are non-transferable, not redeemable for cash and are non-refundable.
  • Movie Club memberships can be purchased online or at the box office. For online purchases Movie Club membership cards are collected from the box office only. Customers can access their membership benefits online immediately after purchase without having collected a membership card. 
  • Movie Club discounts vary across Film Festivals and Special Events. See the ticket price page for further details. (Prices and benefits are current at date of publication and may be subject to change without notice.)
  • A membership entitles you to discounted tickets for yourself and a guest each time you go to the movies. 
  • A valid Movie Club card must be presented to receive the discounted rate. The cardholder is the only authorised person to use the card to redeem their entitlements, photo ID may be requested. 
  • The Movie Club membership is valid until the expiry date loaded electronically on your card. 
  • All personal information acquired for the purpose of administering the Movie Club is governed by our Privacy Policy

$1 Member Tickets:

  • When you join or renew your Movie Club membership, you will receive a $1 Member Ticket (or two $1 Member Tickets for a two year membership). These will be electronically loaded onto your membership account and may be redeemed immediately upon signup/renew. 

  • $1 Member tickets can be redeemed for any session excluding Saturdays after 5pm, public holidays, rooftop sessions, or special events. $1 Member Tickets are not valid in conjunction with any other special offer

  • $1 tickets will expire 12 months from date of join/renewal and cannot be redeemed after expiry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I just signed up online. Will my membership get mailed out to me?

Welcome to the club. You will receive your physical membership card next time you are at the cinema, just speak with our staff at the box office and they will help you out. In the meantime, you can access your member benefits online by logging in here.

I just joined the club at the cinema. How do I book members tickets online?

Welcome to the club. If you signed up at the cinema and would like to purchase members priced tickets online you need to first activate your online account by heading here. Once you have set up your account you will be able to login and book members priced tickets via our website/App. 

I went to activate my account but received an error message. How can I log in? 

When you signed up at the cinema your details may have been entered by our staff incorrectly. Contact us below and we can help you sort this out. 

I have just joined/renewed. How do I access my $1 Member Ticket? 

Thanks for joining the club! Your $1 Member Ticket has been electronically loaded onto your account and can be accessed online or at the box office. To access your ticket online, select the session you would like to attend, and select "$1 Member Ticket" from the menu. Please note that this ticket is not valid for Saturdays after 5pm, public holidays, Rooftop screenings, rare print screenings or for festivals/events. If your $1 ticket is still not showing up, contact us below. 

Can I use my $1 member ticket for films marked NFT (No Free Tickets)?

Yes you can. Please note that this ticket is not valid for Saturdays after 5pm, public holidays, Rooftop screenings, rare print screenings or for festivals/events.

I would like to join the club, but your website keeps telling me that I have an existing account. What can I do to join the club if I don't remember these details? 

You may have signed up for a newsletter subscription or have an old membership account in our system. Please head to the Movie Club sign in page, enter your email address and using the forgot password function log into your account. You will then be prompted to upgrade/renew your membership.

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