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The Story

Pawno’s Damian Hill stars in this Venice-premiering exploration of fatherhood, trauma and second chances, shot in Melbourne’s inner southeast by first-time local filmmaker Jason Raftopoulos.

Friday is no ordinary day for courier Jim. His loan shark wants $15,000 by close of business; his boss wants him to stick to his normal deliveries; and, being school holidays, he’s supposed to be looking after his adolescent son (Hill’s real-life stepson Tyler Perham). From dawn until dusk, Jim endeavours to juggle all three – come up with cash he doesn’t have, keep his job and entertain the boy he doesn’t spend enough time with – all while trying to avoid further trouble.

Adapting Raftopoulos’ short film Father’s Day to feature length, West of Sunshine wears its Italian neo-realist inspirations on its sleeves as it follows a desperate dad doing his best in difficult circumstances. Shot with clear-eyed affection, it’s a warm-hearted look at life’s ups and downs that benefits from the intimate rapport between its two stars, with Kat Stewart also among the cast.






Damian Hill, Ty Perham, Arthur Angel, Kat Stewart


Jason Raftopoulos

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