Lido Cinemas

The Story

In the blue-walled jazz room at Lido Cinemas, we're hosting some of the most dynamic young musicians Melbourne has to offer. 

We're creating a space where jazz students and recent graduates can flaunt their worth outside of the institution. Jazz will unravel straight into the brains of listeners, cascading from string and horn to ear drum. 

After the two scheduled performances, this event will devolve into a free-for-all performance. Come equipped with an instrument of your choice, and get ready to make — you guessed it — jazz chutney. 

More info at www.socmelb.com

This event is part of SOUTH SPACE 19 — a festival of creative culture in Melbourne's southside. 

Featuring more than 20 events over one week in February, SS19 is amplifying arts culture and activating creative spaces in the south.

The SS19 program brings music, art, film and performance to local venues. We're inviting young artists from all over the city to perform in new settings and turn Melbourne into a 360-degree creative hub. 

Here's a chance to explore new parts of the city, appreciate art in new contexts and — for everyone that lives in the south — enjoy a night out closer to home.





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