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The Story

 Winner of 65th National Award for best Feature Film.

A group of children in a Pune housing society decides to perform a play on environmental conservation as part of Ganeshotsav celebrations, featuring prophets and historical figures of various religions and ethnicities. This does not go down well with local politicians, who disrupt their practice and threaten them with dire consequences. While the scared parents sit around debating the validity of the situation, the kids take matters into their own hands to solve the matter. Dhappa tries to question the religious boundaries people have created through the innocence of children.

Interaction/Gappa Goshti with Festival Guest, Dr. Saleel Kulkarni, 3PM to 3.50pm. 

*No seperate ticket sold to this session. You should have a valid ticket to morning or an evening film screening to participate.

Chat with our festival guests, ask them questions, listen to their experiences, stories. 






Shrihari Abhyankar, Akash Kamble


Nipun Dharmadhikari

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