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Australian Premiere

Rabot tells the story of a social housing block on the brink of demolition. Those seeking a way out of their misery jump from the roof; those unable to find a home elsewhere land up here in this small high rise community where indifference reigns supreme.

Both the buildings and the residents must go, marking the end of a turbulent era. We follow several of the occupants during their final months in the tower block. A story of love, loneliness and poverty in the heart of western society. 

This lovely portrait has a beautify poetic quality and an impact that’s difficult to shake. 

Deeply moving and gently human, the individuals that inhabit this fine documentary let their feeling, thoughts and daily actions unfold quietly and slowly. Here, it’s the simple things that are important as their days drift by and the block nears the end of its built life.

There’s a sad inevitability all around but through and through, Rabot lets the environment do the talking with great sophistication.

Festival Appearances/Awards:

International Film Festival Rotterdam - Official Selection

ENSOR Award for Best Documentary - Oostende Film Festival

Port of Ghent Audience Award - Gent Film Festival






Christina Vandekerckhove

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