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A new documentary from award-winning director Fredrik Gertten.

In Harlem, New York, we meet a man who spends 90% of his income on a flat. Soon, the two bedroom will cost 3600 USD per month. In Barcelona, Ahmed and his family are the last left in their building where all other apartments are sealed off. The new owner has been pushing all of their neighbours out. In London people talk about "bank boxes in the sky'; new condo building and flats sold on international fairs as investment pieces.  

Housing is a fundamental human right, as precondition to a safe and healthy life. But in cities all around the world having a place to live is becoming more and more difficult. Who are the players and what are the factors that make housing one of today's most pressing world issues?

Push is a new documentary from award-winning director Fredrik Gertten, investigating why we can't afford to live in our own cities anymore. 

Festival Appearances/Awards:

CPH:DOX – Winner of Politiken Audience Award

New Zealand Film Festival - Official Selection

Achitecture & Design Fim Festival - Official Selection






Fredrik Gertten

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Release Date: 20 Feb 2020

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Release Date: 20 Feb 2020

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