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Australian Premiere

Erected in Novi Belgrade in 1969, the Hotel Jugoslavija was a mythical place. 

It was both a symbol and a witness to the different moments that shaped and formed Yugoslavia: From Tito to Milosevic; from Socialism to Nationalism; from NATO's bombings to corrupted economic liberalism.

Today, it is still haunting Belgrade landscape, as a reflection of a Serbian society in search of new milestones.

With this journey through the times and spaces of the building, the director -of Yugoslavian origin by his mother but born and raised in Switzerland - explores both a collective unconscious and part of his own identity.

Its lovely poetic style is in no hurry to uncover many of the personal and political secrets of this spectacular building and the people whose lives centred on its many great and not so great moments.

Festival Appearances/Awards:

Berlin Film Festival - Official Selection

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - Official Selection

Subversive Film Festival, Zagreb - Best Documentary






Nicolas Wagnières

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Release Date: 20 Feb 2020

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Release Date: 20 Feb 2020

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