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The Story

Dr. Miami - a.k.a. Michael Salzhauer - is the most famous surgeon in America. Millions of loyal followers from around the world tune in daily as he live streams graphic plastic surgery procedures on social media - all with the enthusiastic consent of his self-proclaimed ‘beauty warrior’ patients. Celebrated for his outrageous personality in hip hop culture and criticised by the professional surgery establishment, in his private life Salzhauer is a devoted family man and Orthodox Jew who observes the Sabbath. Through Dr. Miami’s ‘reality’ operating theater, we enter the hotbed of body modification and merciless selfie culture where BBL’s (Brazilian Butt Lifts) have increased over 250 percent since 2015. Meanwhile Salzhauer’s patient waiting list grows to over two years long, putting stress on his domestic cocoon. When a string of surgery-related deaths rocks the Miami community and his teenage daughter's conflicted feelings about his handiwork surface, the plastic surgeon perfectionist must confront his elevation of this alarming social trend and reconcile Dr. Miami with Michael Salzhaeur.






Jean-Simon Chartier