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“Antisemitism is not an “idea” without consequence, because “ideas” contain within them, their violence and their barbarity” — Director, Philippe Le Guay

What begins as a charming wartime romance between Jean, a sweet Catholic boy, and Annette, his feisty Jewish artist girlfriend, turns into a gripping tale of star-crossed lovers in this tragic drama based on actual events and recounted in the book 'Dénoncer les Juifs sous l'Occupation' (Informing on Jews during the Occupation).

The setting is Nazi-occupied Paris in 1942, where Jews are feeling the tightening grip of a collaborationist French regime. When Jean, an aspiring writer, reveals to his socially conservative parents that he has serious feelings for Annette, they prefer to wave it off as a temporary fling. But their deeply ingrained, and now politically approved, anti-Jewish prejudices will soon have grave consequences. The film brings to vivid life the true story of Annette Zelman, one of numerous cases that historians have documented, revealing the role of ordinary French citizens in informing on their Jewish neighbors.


Unclassified 15+






French (English subtitles)


Philippe Le Guay

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