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An offbeat black comedy set in a neighborhood on the “wrong” side of Tel-Aviv.

In three interwoven stories, the film follows five characters, who are forced to confront childhood traumas in pursuit of self-redemption. Yossi loves Chris and is piecing together their wedding without any financial means. When Asaf's grandfather dies, he and his partner Anna go to extremes to keep his pension. Asaf has the absurd idea of using taxidermy on the body and animating the corpse using car brakes. The fifth character Elias, a lonely Palestinian, is in desperate need of a heart transplant and is forced to collaborate with the Israeli Security Agency to secure one.

The five characters all experience a moment of grace in which they seem to reach a turning point, but in the end they all just float, like rubber ducks in the ocean.

Winner of Best Script at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.


Unclassified 15+






Hebrew, English, Arabic (English subtitles)


Shahar Rozen

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