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“I want to make Adam and Ida’s doubting, insecure, and quiet voices heard a little more, because the [antisemitic] booing on the street is getting so loud again” — Director Jan Tenhaven

For the first time in their lives, Polish-Jewish twins Adam and Ida Paluch tell their incredible story of being separated at the age of three and surviving the Holocaust, growing up knowing almost nothing about each other and their family roots.  

Told through interviews and brilliant animation illustrating their memories, the film presents their lifelong quest to find out about their Jewish identity. Separated during the Holocaust, both twins had always felt “something missing.” Following a 53-year-long journey that took them around the globe, one day Ida believes she recognizes her brother in a newspaper photo that resembles her grandfather. When the two strangers finally meet, they are convinced they have found each other at last.


Unclassified 15+






English, Polish (English subtitles)


Jan Tenhaven