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They Say I'm Different

Now this film was a real surprise when it crossed our collective tables.

In a life and career dominated by her ex-husband Miles Davis (in more ways than one), Betty Davis had her own life as just about the baddddest, raunchiest and wildest funk star you’d ever care to hear. Widely regarded as the pivot around which Miles swung from the suited trumpeter of the 50’s to one more influenced by funk, soul and fashion of the late 60s, Betty had a reputation as one of the most influential voices in funk for the time. After recording four of the dirtiest funk records committed to wax including the legendary They Say I’m Different and Nasty Girl, Betty inexplicably left the music scene sinking almost without a trace. Enter fan and filmmaker Phil Cox, determined to chart her career and track down the illusive Davis. In that journey we’re treated to some sublime funk, a great playful film style exploding with colour, rare footage and photographs and enormously enjoyable stories all with the rigor of a true detective story.






Betty Davis, Desmond Nakano


Philip Cox

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