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A lonely, rejected photographer has found his muse. A 15 year old prostitute. How far will a nobody go to be a somebody?

Set in the mid-90's, Choir Girl is the debut film of director John Fraser. It is a dark and brutal story about Eugene (Peter Flaherty), an outcast photographer who becomes obsessed with protecting underage prostitute Josephine (Sarah Timm). She has escaped a war-torn country only to be trapped in the illegal sex trade by corruption and a powerful underworld criminal named Daddy (Jack Campbell). 

For Eugene, Josephine represents a symbol of purity in the darkness – when he takes her photograph there is something captivating about her and she quickly becomes his muse. When a jaded but calculating assistant at an arts magazine, Polly (Krista Vendy), shows interest in Eugene's photos it could be a way out of the sex trade for Josephine, out of obscurity and rejection for Eugene, and out of a hopeless life for both.

But Daddy won't let go of Josephine and crossing the powerful pimp means danger and death. How far will Eugene go for recognition and a chance to achieve his dream? Is Eugene saving Josephine? Or is he using her?

Filmed in stark black and white, Choir Girl tackles loneliness and obsession, the struggle for recognition, and the blurred line between art and morality. In these special event screenings, director and key cast will be attendance for a Q&A with the audience after the screening.




Peter Flaherty, Sarah Timm, Krista Vendy, Jack Campbell, Kym Valentine, Andy McPhee, Roger Ward


John Fraser

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