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“A gorgeous, completely dialogue-less movie that's suspenseful, easy to follow and a real pleasure to watch.” — The Hollywood Reporter

“Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home…” the rhyme goes, but try heeding that when you’re a half a centimetre long and home is 6,000 kilometres away! When accidentally boxed into a chestnut shipment, a little ladybug is inadvertently shipped to a Caribbean island. Its parents embark on an odyssey to find it while, on the island, beachfront developers are threatening native habitats. Along with some help from an old pal who comes sailing to the rescue, this crew of colourful teensy heroes develops an elaborate plan to save a precious patch of rainforest. A wild ride ensues—it’s a bug-eyed ecological view made more eye-popping as a live-action animation hybrid shot in lush Guadeloupe.

No dialogue / Recommended all ages






Thomas Szabo