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Australian premiere.

Relics of the Future is a documentary featuring internationally renowned photographer Toni Hafkenscheid, as he explores hidden stories behind iconic architectural structures once considered "Visions of the Future" from the 1960's.

This film is a light-hearted look at the way we perceive life and embrace modern advancements. It is a photography expose that becomes a personal journey of selfdiscovery while exploring innovative Visions of the Future that celebrate memories of Toni's, and our, collective past.

The Rotterdam born photographer Hafkenscheid wants to photograph the world as he saw it as a boy in the book Wonders of the World.

With a fascination for futuristic architecture like Marina City in Chicago, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and Habitat 67 in Montreal. In this warm-hearted documentary, he takes us on a fascinating journey to his Relics
of the Future, back to the world of The Jetsons and Thunderbirds!






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