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The Story

Victorian premiere.

A visually stunning exploration of place and space, that explores architecture and cityscapes, Invention captures the play of shapes, designs, forms and textures of the modern city.

In this film cities are viewed as uncannily beautiful worlds of concrete and glass. Invention is filled with camera artistry as we slowly glide and linger over beautiful works of art and architecture. The camerawork is full of surprises as we move through windows and walls and explore all manner of famous and lesser known places at a pace where we’re able to deeply examine and admire every detail.

The film isn’t without its unusual humour as well and depending on where you focus, there’s also lots of little background rewards. With its epic visual scope and re-engagement with an everyday world that we too often
miss because of our immersion within it, Invention recalls the great City Symphony films of the 1920s that defined early cinema.

A truly cinematic film that will have audiences looking at the familiar worlds we inhabit with new wonder.






Mark Lewis

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