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FEBRUARY 22 -  Bob Sedergreen and Friends with special guest Annemarie Sharry

Annemarie Sharry is not only a brilliant vocalist but an inspirational leader of the popular South Of The River Choir.

Annemarie and Melbourne jazz piano legend came into contact when Bob was lecturing at the VCA. These days Bob is an integral part of Annemarie’s club act.

Mark Voogd, has dedicated his life to drumming be it educating or performing .

He is a popular and well loved drumming identity. Bob, bassist Gareth Hill and Mark have a regular gig at The Horn Thursday nights. The emphasis in this concert will be the jazz feels created by the rhythm section and Annemarie’s ability to enhance and compliment their music.


When Paul Coyle and Mal Sedergreen come together to play jazz their empathy, energy and understanding of the idiom are obvious, as it should be, knowing they are both the sons of well known Jazz pianists, Graeme Coyle and Bob Sedergreen.

Both grew up to be fine horn players, Paul is a very handy vocalist as well, both are committed and popular music teachers and both have played a lot of jazz. At this gig, they will be ably supported, by, bassist Ivan Rosa, and drummer Mark Voogd, who are both associates of Bob on piano and will bring edge to the performance. 

By popular demand this will be the combos, not to be missed second concert appearance at Southside.





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