King Cohen and The All Night Movie Marathon

Not yet rated, 480 mins

Fluff your pillows, tuck in your blankets and staple your eyelids open, it's time for KING COHEN AND THE ALL-NITE MOVIE MARATHON!!!

This year we pay tribute to one of the truly great all-rounders in cult cinema history and we are kicking things off with a bang with the Australian premiere of the brand spanking new documentary KING COHEN.

Directed by CHOPPING MALL co-writer Steve Mitchell, KING COHEN follows Larry's career from his early days as a TV writer to the present day, as told by the man himself. Supported - and often contradicted by - interviews with industry veterans such as J.J. Abrams, John Landis, Michael Moriarty, Fred Williamson, Yaphet Kotto, Martin Scorsese, Joe Dante and Traci Lords, the film brings a one-of-a-kind insight into the work, process and legacy of a true American film auteur.

But that's just the beginning, Cohen fans!

After witnessing Steve Mitchell's fascinating documentary on the legendary icon, you'll want to dive instantaneously into King Cohen's extensive back catalogue of films and we've made it easy for those of you who can make it through the night!! We'll be presenting our very own wild and wonderful selection of five Cohen greats! And let me tell you, some of these bad boys have never seen the big screen in Australia. This is going to be a real treat for psychotronic film fans. Will it be serpents destroying New York? Killer junk food? Pay phone snipers? Murderous babies? There's only one way to find out… BE THERE!

Release Date:
Saturday, 25 November 2017
J.J. Abrams, Rick Baker, Larry Cohen, Joe Dante, Mick Garris, John Landis, Traci Lords Michael Moriarty, Eric Roberts Martin Scorsese, Fred Williamson
Directed by
Steve Mitchell