Bob Sedergreen and Friends

Bridgette Allan and Bob Sedergreen’s association goes way back to the exciting eighties where Bob presented the long running show Six of The Best and he knew to include Bridgette in the show because of her hypnotic presence, her exotic stylings and above all her ability to swing. Playing alongside Bob n Bridgette was the bassist Annette Yates. Classed at the time as viby and propulsive. Annette is a driving and inspirational bassist whose personality is a perfect match for Bob n Bridgette’s repertoire and style. Marshall Clark joined the group on drums during a long residency at Johns Jazz Club . A forceful and dynamic presence at the drum kit Marshall generated not just time but creative musical conversation that totally complimented the musicality of the group. Well understood how. This will be a night of sophistication, balance with dynamic strength and lots of smiles.

Duration: 120 minutes

Release Date:
Saturday, 12 May 2018
Not yet rated