World Premiere

The giant boar was a myth, a legend brought to life in a drunken pub tale. The thing about myths and legends, they are usually made up of partial truths, and in this case, complete and terrifying truths. Tearing a path of destruction through fencing and livestock, locals haven’t a clue of the chilling death that lurks in the striking Australian outback.

The Monroe’s are on a road trip to reconnect with a life they left behind several years ago. Seeing old friends and loved ones bring the tight knit family even closer together. A spontaneous decision to picnic along the shores of a cool river three hours from town brings them face to face with death itself.

A boar of staggering size with a taste for blood is cutting out a crude home in the bush, and has marked this area as his. Nothing can stand in its way, nothing can stop the destruction.

While the boar continues its savage rampage, the Monroe’s settle in for a quiet afternoon, and an evening of wild pig and roo spotting. As they are slowly and savagely stalked and slaughtered by the beast, the fight for survival becomes as animalistic and brutal as the animal itself.

Followed by cast and crew Q&A

Screening with short film PROCEEDS OF CRIME:
Executive Produced by Charles Waterstreet (Howling 3: The Marsupials) the creator and inspiration for the successful Australian and US TV Series 'RAKE'. Charles is the notorious barrister for Australian's criminal underbelly which alludes to the subject matter and dual-meaning title 'Proceeds of Crime'. In this short film, Miss Hogg’s gang 'The Birds of Prey' terrorise the city streets, stealing the hair of beautiful women, but when they set their sights on the wrong target, they realise darker forces than themselves rule the night.

Dir. James Chappell

Release Date:
Thursday, 23 November 2017
Simone Buchanan, Christie Lee Britten, Nathan Jones, John Jarratt, Melissa Tkautz, Roger Ward, Hugh Sheridan, Bill Moseley, Steve Bisley, Ernie Dingo, Griffin Walsh, Chris Hayward, Emily Williams
Directed by
Chris Sun